Di piú su Marco

2017: 30 years but I’m still

working on finding the correct

note for your business.

With your help, I’ll do your best.

My artistic story began at 15yo with the Art of Miming with Master Mr. Gennaro, than singing lessons with Master Mr. Spataro, studying with Comuna Bayres and CTA School in Milan, workshops with Great Master Mr. Marcel Marceau and with the Japanese.

The Scot Company of Great Master Mr. Tadashi Suzuky!

While working as Dubber and Voice Talent with the most important companies such as Mastercard or Ing Direct, Audi or Samsung, starts many theater experiences .

With Nobel winner Great Master Mr. Dario Fo’ and Mrs.Franca Rame, for example ! What a wonderful memories!

Than like actor or producer I had a really great moments.

Many years has passed but I still want to fall in love more and more with my actor’s profession!